Waggamuffins uses Requal Shampoo Finishing Products

ReComplex for strength and nourishment

This is a complex formula, produced by the researchers in our laboratories with the collaboration of our specialists in the grooming sector. It aids in bio-integration, to counteract the deficiencies in pet’s coats that have been neglected, and to maintain the pet’s hair and skin in optimal form.

Our studies have included tests on subjects with very different problems: climatic conditions unfit for animals (smog, dry climate, hot-humid weather), genetic problems, reactions caused by food and/or chemicals (sensitive skins, reddening, itching, sensitivity to aggressive cleansing products, loss of hair, irregular hair growth), skin anomalies (dry, oily, or odorous skin, dandruff, eczema), old age and obesity.

ReComplex is a formula developed to counter act all these unpleasant situations. Our professional products, strengthened with ReComplex, provide the needed support for the pet’s hair and skin with vegetable extracts, proteins, mineral salts, trace elements and amino acids in exactly the right proportions.

ReExentyal for hygiene and physiological normalisation

A composition, created in our laboratory under the supervision of pet care professionals and people from the world of pet lovers. The experience in this sector has enabled us to formulate ReExentyal, an aesthetic integrator that easily provides the elements of beauty needed by the skin, and restores the hair’s strength and vitality. It’s formula contains vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, amino acids, trace elements and essential oils. These substances are carefully balanced to provide immediate results for any type of texture in pet’s coats, especially when the hair appears fragile, damaged, or neglected.

ReExentyal has successfully passed numerous tests, obtaining concrete results even with subjects in negative environmental conditions or with skin anomalies. ReExentyal, besides intervening quickly and providing optimal results for various problems, also helps to perfect the hygiene of the skin. The presence of essential oils in our products also guarantees the restoration of physiologically suitable conditions for the pet’s skin, while normalising the pH.